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  • Request flights using any PC, tablet, or mobile device that has Internet Access
  • Access from any internet capable device
  • Approve, adjust or cancel flights (flight requestor, pilots or managers)
  • Receive approval, change, and cancellation notices via email or SMS Text
  • Schedule and display maintenance windows  for your aircraft
  • Designate deadhead flights
  • Estimate flight time based on average  speeds and distance between airports
  • Search airports based on city, state, or airport identifier
  • Add private airports to the list of available airports
  • Restrict airport availability based on criteria  such as minimum runway length required by aircraft
  • View the schedule for multiple planes in real time
  • View multiple aircraft on one calendar
  • Allow access to request flights on a per user and per aircraft basis
  • Assign users to internal groups for tracking purposes

nimblecmsan NTS product